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Erwan Kina

Erwan Kina

Premium Domain Broker

The last deals I closed:

– 100 bulk package: $198,000

– $90,600

– – $42,000

– – $21,000

– – $49,000
– $53,000
– $25,000
– $27,000
– $31,500
– $72,950

– Private – $22,000

– 609 $7,600
– 17 package: $32,000

– $3,500
– A LOT of deals between $2000 and $10,000

I want you to close great deals with your domains

Contact me now & get great deals done!

I value the relationships I have with my partners. I love closing great deals, I’m honestly really good at it. If you are looking to acquire a premium domain for a long-term hold or a quick flip, I’ll find and close the BEST deal you can possibly have. If you want to sell your premium domains, I’ll reach the right guys to buy it from you.

My job is to make sure I understand what you desire, and I’ll bring the opportunities directly to you.

I’ve made deals with buyers and sellers from all over the world. China, USA, Europe, Australia, United Arab Emirates… Take advantage of my network and my skills to make more money with your domain names.

You can count on my experience, knowledge, determination, enthusiasm, and my brain to build a long-term successful relationship with you. I want my partners to be successful in this industry.